Derrick Anthony Graham

Derrick Anthony Graham

Mar 24th, 1976 - Aug 30th, 2018
  • Birth Date: Mar 24, 1976
  • Death Date: Aug 30, 2018
  • Funeral Date: Sep 14, 2018
  • Location: Mt. Calvary Baptist Church
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Would you look at this .........everybody here for me!
Yall know I always did love the stage and as always
My Plan Worked out once again!!!
Well let's get to it!
Yall want the 42 years of my life story or yall want the "Good Stuff"??
Well as My brother "The Rev" would say, “Vibe Wit Me!”
Yall know us we the Graham's, and if you didn't like us,
Something was wrong with you!
Our Story started from the Bridge-Apartments,
Then went to Harlem (695 St. Nicholas), and then to
Douglass Projects where all of the magic happened!
Douglass was magical!
I am a Graham and we showed love to everybody because we came from love!
I loved my family yall!
I always did and I missed my Moms and Pops!
Donald and Laura Graham came and got me!
Mommy and Daddy looking better than ever!
Nut (I call my lil’ sis Nut yall)
When my eyes rolled back it was because I was in awe of what I was seeing!
What looked bad to you little sis; started to feel good to me
So I let go and let Mommy and Daddy take me with them!
Don Q... I'm good; it feels weird but I'm gradually getting use to being on this side!
To the rest of my family:
My uncles Curtis, Rob, Sam and Larry
I wanna say thank yall for loving me and allowing me to be me!
To my cousins Curtis, Jamal, Shamell, Shameka,
Lamont, Laquan, Samuel, little cousins in DC, and my family down south I Love Yall!
To my Aunt Phyllis...thank you for the good times!
And to everyone else; My Douglass Family, P.S 145
Family, Booker T. Washington family, Martin Luther
King family , Harlem family, Eastside family, Brooklyn
family, BX family, Up North family,
 And especially to all My Lovely Ladies that had the pleasure and privilege of having me
(I see yall here for me; I'm still the handsomest man yall ever gonna be with)
I know I drove yall crazy at times but yall all know I was real!
I thank you all for the laughs, lessons, and love!


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