Wendy L. Williams-Boone

Wendy L. Williams-Boone

Jan 23rd, 1942 - Jan 3rd, 2018
  • Birth Date: Jan 23, 1942
  • Death Date: Jan 3, 2018
  • Funeral Date: Feb 12, 2018
  • Location: Canaan Baptist Church
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Biography: God allowed Wendy L Williams Boone to be born as the 8th child to Sallie Edwards-Williams and Nuncie Williams on January 23, 1942. Born and raised in Branchville S.C. Wendy joined Canaan Baptist Church at a very young age. Much later in life she was also baptized in Canaan. Wendy received the fundamental start of education from Branchville Public Schools Systems.
Upon the completion of high school, she began the venture of her adult life relocating in Paterson N.J. Early upon entering her new life in the city, Wendy was married to Jonny Boone. While located there in New Jersey, she conquered exceptional great heights in her working career. Wendy worked her first job as a Cross Guard Officer directing city traffic. After receiving technical training she graduated obtaining credentials allowing her to begin working as a Medical Secretary/Transcriptionist. The final portion of her career was completed with Sears Roebuck & Company. Spending several years employed with Sears, her final career position placed her as the only Black Teletypist in her division. She was very proud of this achievement!  Because she kept copies, to this day we still can reflect upon a few of the original transcriptions she orchestrated while in this position. Wendy retired as a fairly middle aged woman with all of her working years completed in New Jersey. Because of this fact, many of the people whom she lived with in the South had no knowledge of her working career years. She was always eager to stress with emphasis the great details of her career. She took great pride in the career pathways taken and accomplishment made to secure her independence and success for her and all of her children.
Wendy enjoyed the simplicities of life in all aspects. She loved good food and lots of laughter. She also enjoyed giving her exemplary performance of "The Creation" by James Weldon Johnson. Her presentation and reenactment of this piece became widely known and requested. She believed strongly in God and she lived it! She lived as a true missionary for Jesus Christ. Shelter, food, any money that she had to give as well as using her ability to help anybody in need was  always willfully rendered. She believed when there is a need ,,,,,  it deserved an action with no judgement of the person needing the help. Wendy made this her life practice..... not for observation for the public eye....nor for formalities or approval of church fellowship members. She consistently lived this way wherever she was and all of her lifetime because it was genuinely in her heart to do so.. She never closed her heart to helping, whether it be a family member or stranger. God himself  give her strength to help that person that was in need,
Wendy believed in the constant strive for excellence in all things good! She instilled in her children practices of life. The first lesson "DO NOT QUIT" ....if the desired outcome is not obtained and you are knocked down get up, go back and try and try again. She had a great ability to persevere against adversity. The second lesson is simply "Do what is right" even when right has not necessarily been done unto you. And lastly she held most paramount.  "Love and care for each other"...which she said was taught by her mother to her as well as all her siblings. In every aspect of her life, she lived with love for everyone. 

She was preceded in death is her daughter, Karen Williams. Siblings preceded include Carrie E. Goodwin, Sally Brown, Herman Williams, Nathaniel Williams, Jimmy Williams and Eddie Williams. 

She leaves to cherish her loving memories three children, Cheryl (David) Green, Lynda (Kevin) Gallashaw and Brian Bellamy. A very special companion and life friend, Bobby J Daniels. Siblings survived to include Charles Williams, Oretta (Glenn) Miller and Betty Henderson. Grandchildren to include Yorel, Chaz and Chekalyn Williams, Kevin Tyler and Brooke Lyn  Gallashaw. Four great grandchildren: to include a set of great grandchildren twins  just born February 5, 2018. Lastly but not least a host of nieces and nephews special friends.



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