Donald Owen Whyte

Donald Owen Whyte

May 9th, 1953 - Jan 17th, 2018
  • Birth Date: May 9, 1953
  • Death Date: Jan 17, 2018
  • Funeral Date: Feb 3, 2018
  • Location: All Souls Episcopal/Anglican Church
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Biography: Tribute to Donald Owen Whyte

To: Family, Friends, Love Ones and Well wishers; May the LORD Bless and comfort you all.

I Would like to join hands with you all, as we take time to celebrate a truly unique, a special man. Donald Owen Whyte also known as "Copeland Don by his friends in Jamaica and"scooby doo"by his friends in Jamaica and in New York. Donald was a man whose life was full of adventure and excitements with no regrets, a life lived fully but certainly too short. Donald was born in Jamaica at the time when Reggae and Ska was evolving, Donald Loved Music!!

Donald Owen Whyte braced this earth on May 9, 1953, son of the late Lascelle Whyte and Pearline Thompson in the parish of Hanover , Jamaica. Donald attended the Cave Valley all age school along with his two siblings Bee and Delroy, he then moved to Montego Bay with his mother where he lived, he graced the Montego Bay high school with his outgoing, competitive spirit, he joined the Montego Bay boys club where he was an active team player, his position was Goalkeeper in the D2 division , he also played the Tuba, "he was really passionate about music."

Donald was a very ambitious young man, a survivor in a country full of hardship and perils he had a lot of hurdle to overcome, but with hard work and determination he over came them all. He established himself as Entrepreneur at very early age, he mastered odd jobs, such as buying and selling fruits and vegetables etc: He was a Truck driver and he knew every parish in Jamaica. Donald later pursued a career in the hospitality industry, he worked in hotels and on cruise ships such as Royal Caribbean and Norwegian based out of Montego Bay.

Donald migrated to the United States in the 1980's, his first job was working at Sybil's restaurant in Brooklyn, after a period of time of working for minimal wage, Donald decided to uplift his career by going back to school to be a chef, he wanted to be paid well for his cooking skills.  He work in the day and go to school at night where he received his certificate and landed his first certified cooking job at the Jewish Home and Hospital for the aged in Manhattan and worked there for twenty seven years until his retirement two years ago. This was not Donald's only job he worked part time as a chef at northern Manhattan nursing home, , he worked as caterer and then to add to it he was also a DJ. Whatever Donald did he was good at it. 

Donald passion was playing Dominoes, he was a member of Jamaican Domino club in queens he traveled all over the country to participate in tournaments, he even traveled to Canada to compete. Whenever Donald was invited to family functions he would take along a set of dominoes just in case there were any players willing to challenge him to a game or two or until the challenger get tired because Donald would never get tired!!! That's just how much he loves playing dominoes.

Donald loved music, he would find himself around the DJ booth and soon he was on the turn table helping out with the music selection.

Donald also love to dance, whenever there is a party he would be the first on the dance floor, showing off his skill especially "The Electric Slide". He took life so easy never stressing about anything, if he had problems you would never know, cause he was always laughing, he had an infectious laugh showing off his perfectly strait teeth with one capped in gold.

Donald have four biological children, his first son died at a very young age, but was never forgotten by his father who always talk about him. The remaining children he has left behind to elaborate about his goodness and to cherish favorable memories are Fabian Whyte,Tanesha Whyte, Ryan Whyte. Step children: Novia Morgan, Richard James, Vanessa LaRose and eight grandchildren, countless nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. His remaining siblings are Delroy Whyte and Delcita Whyte.

As borrowed: A few verses from a famous song:
""Flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone"

These are the words used to describe the love of his life : Gaseta Whyte who he met twenty seven years ago at the Jewish home and hospital. They were married the week before nine eleven,! They were inseparable, they went to work together and went home together., until two years ago when Donald retired., Donald didn't use his retirement to stop taking his wife to work , he would still get up at 6:00am and take her to work, even when he felt sick, it was as though he was not retired. He was a wonderful husband. They love each other, Donald name for her was "Haase" at work but at home he call her "sweet-heart," 

Gaseta Whyte said of her husband , he was the best husband ever, he never raise his voice or hand to me: I am forever broken.

Ryan Whyte stated: dad was a good man, an awesome father, he helped me whenever I needed him,. He picked me up when I am feeling low. I will miss him dearly because he won't be around to see the kind of man I will be.

Tanesha Whyte stated: the memory she have of her dad is that he told her to Always be true to Yourself

Fabian Whyte: I have fond memories of working side by side with my dad at work as a chef..


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