David Soto

David Soto

02-19-1961 - 06-27-2019


My nephew was an amazing nephew, son, brother, uncle and most of all a great family man. A great human being. Always checking up on me. Love him forever.  
Titi Marta

David and Jay are two blood brothers who are identically the same, constantly cracking jokes, constantly smiling and constantly cracking each other up where ever they happen to be, even in church during Gary's wedding … I am going to miss David like the night sky would miss a full moon, I am going to miss David like the morning sky would miss a morning sun, I am going to miss my brother David with all of my heart which is currently broken, a huge piece of me also died when god came to take my brother David home, and David actually took a big piece of my heart with him when he left, but I know that when my time comes that David will restore it with a brother's smile, a brother's hug and a brother's love, it's never a goodbye, but a " I will see you later"… God speed David and may you finally be at peace ... .....

It's hard to believe we won't have another chance to talk, to argue, to tell one another "I love you". It's hard to understand how final it all is - I still am thinking I should text or call about the latest whatever, only to realize David is not there anymore... He is asleep, resting for a while 'til Jesus comes and that's OK. The same way Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, the same way through the Centurion's faith Jesus healed his servant, the same way Jesus Himself was resurrected after three days, I believe the Lion of Judah will raise David up from the ashes to everlasting life. Trust and believe we will see each other again...  At the end of Time we'll have an eternity to talk and learn about the things he loved most: space and flight at the feet of the Creator Himself.  We love you, my brother. Rest well. We'll walk and talk and laugh again soon on the Other Side. 

Even at the end you gave me a lifelong gift to hold on to!!!!!
The last time we were together (the day before God took you home) we joked and laughed that you gave us a scare. I threatened to give you a chancletazo, for scaring me but silently I thanked God for seeing you through the storm. I joked that you needed to at least pretend for a little while you were sick and sad and you tried but it didn’t last (1min) ending the silence with your contagious laugh. Thank you, That laugh will resonate in my heart till the day we meet again!!!! May you sleep in peace Big Cuz.
Isa and family

Thank You My Brother
I want to extend my deepest sympathies to the Soto Family for their loss. Always remember that God is Great and He will heal your wounds. My name is Ricardo and I am David's cousin. I have been given the privilege of writing a few words in David's memory. I could tell you what everybody already knows: that David was a loving and caring human being. His kindness and generosity touched everyone he came in contact with. His love for his family and friends was never ending. These are just a few things that we have all experienced with David. I will share with you one of my earliest memories of David in hopes of showing you how deeply he loved me and I him.
One evening David and I were leaving Saint Mary's Park when out of nowhere someone grabbed me from behind. David was always a fast walker and didn't notice that I wasn't by his side. After realizing that I was missing, he quickly turned around and saw me struggling with a tall husky person. David immediately started to walk towards us. He started to plead with the assailant to let me go but the assailant wasn't responding. All of a sudden David tells the assailant "please take me and let my cousin go." The man let me go and grabbed David instead. David started to yell at me "run and go get help." Well you didn't have to tell me twice. I immediately started to run. As I started to put some distance between me and David I suddenly realized that I couldn't leave my cousin fighting for his life. I had decided right there and then that our fate would be the same. As I was celebrating my new found courage, David broke free from this predator. I instantly screamed out to David "RUN DAVID, LETS GO." We ran out of that Park so fast and made it back home safely. I must have been around 9 or 10 years old at the time. I never forgot what David did for me that night. He saved my life.   That night David became my Brother and I NEVER questioned his love for me. I have been very fortunate to have had him in my life for so many years. David was my angel. I want to express my gratitude to David with a song. It is performed by Natalie Merchant and the title is "Kind and
I love you David

David, I don't know what to say but just I love you and will miss you.
Love,  Your Sister Brenda.
He was born, according to Mom, on a cold Sunday Feb 19, 1961 at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Being the youngest and the only boy, he was the apple of our parents' eyes. As a kid, David was smart and inquisitive, so much so that he was placed in a gifted class in the 4th grade. After grade school he went to Gompers where he developed a love of planes and flying. 
Embry Riddle was next on his educational journey and he attended the school for a while. Around that time, he was introduced to computing and the rest was history. He was a nerd and proud of it. He also loved cars and the Pathfinders, especially camping with his friends at Camp Berkshire. Jay and Arnaldo were his brothers in spirit. 

David was very much into politics and would talk about the latest Republican idiocy passionately. It was a joy to hear him speak. 

More than anything, David was a generous soul with his time and knowledge. Whatever you needed, if it was within his power to give you had it. "Family" wasn't just a word for him, it was a way of life, of love, of giving back. 

He was funny as anything too. I can't begin to tell you how much we looked forward to family get togethers where we'd laugh about the craziness of life. It's the one thing I will miss most about him, his laughter. I had a dream a couple of years ago where our entire family was sitting under a tree. We were laughing and having the time of our lives and all around us was chaos and strife. I took that to mean our family is blessed, and loved, and sheltered by God. David may be gone from our sight for a little while but the reunion at the end of time will be a homecoming for the ages. 

God bless you all.
Lovingly Submitted by The Family

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