Very Well Done

It has been over a year since my mother died. Owen's Funeral Home is close to her church, Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, 201 Lenox Avenue. As a suggestion from my father-in-law, we chose Owen's over an undertaker, only one block away from home. Thank God we did. Owen's Funeral Directors handled us with respect, understanding and care from making the arrangements, to bringing us back from the grave site. There is one significant point I must share. When talking about Mommy, I mentioned that she had a passion for gloves. My sister delivered the clothing my father wanted her to wear. But, forgot the gloves. Owen's did not. At the day of the funeral when I would view my mother for the last time, she looked like she was sleeping, very well done, and amazing work of art. But then I noticed that there were gloves on her hands. It was a necessary amazing gift Owen's gave me and my family. So, in ending, at the worse time in your life, you need someone who will honor your loved one and you. You will be on excellent hands with Owen's Funeral Directors. I owe them so much.

Rosetta Jenkins
Professional Service

It is with distinct gratitude with which The Elmore Family sets forth our appreciation for your professional service, gratuitous provisions and loving care, during our time of sorrow. It is literally impossible for us to convey, in words, the depth of our thankfulness. However, in an attempt to do so…
We sincerely appreciate the time you have extended to us in the tedious planning of such an honorable event - the coordinating of our Dear Mother's Home Going Service. The measure of "Class" presented and the "Dignity” established, created an ambiance of professionalism, rarely experienced. Our hearts were immensely touched by your adhering to presenting your "best" work - whether it be for the "rich and famous"- or, for the "least" one.
We sincerely acknowledge the pleasant and inviting personalities of your staff members and their noted eagerness to assist our grieving family with patience and understanding.
We wholeheartedly believe that God, Himself, was very well pleased with the way you presented His Saint, Our Dear Mother Della Mae Elmore, as she entered into His Presence; and truly, the Spirit of The Lord was in His Holy Temple. We truly, truly are honored to have been divinely chosen and entrusted by God, before the beginning of time, to be the offspring of such a Great Woman!
Be it known that the sentiment amongst the Elmore Family is unanimous ... you are indeed, a Man of God, walking in your purpose on this earth ... created to prepare God's People for their Heavenly Home; and, the Family is convincingly confident that you are a continued asset to the "Ministry" and "Body of Christ' portrayed in your attentiveness, caring and unique style of servant-hood. Thank You, Mr. Owens, for all these courtesies, gifts and distinguished assistance in this Special and Awe-inspiring Experience, which shall be forever treasured in our hearts and minds.
Thank you Mr. Owens and Staff

Anna L. Elmore
Recognition and Appreciation

NEW YORK, N. Y. 10007 September 19, 1998 Dear Friends: Warmest greetings to everyone attending the Appreciation Services for Mr. Isaiah Owens hosted by the Second Emmanuel Baptist Church. On behalf of the residents of New York City, I am pleased to join with you in appreciation of Isaiah Owens for his generosity towards others in time of need. The lives of many of the City's residents have been enriched by his efforts. I would also like to acknowledge those associated with the Second Emmanuel Baptist Church for hosting this service. It is always gratifying to unite with those who share my commitment to making a difference in the community and improving the quality of life for all. Please accept my best wishes for an enjoyable event.

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
Your unselfish ways

You are the epitomy of mercies and kindness towards our fellow man. Therefore God will always bless you and yours. It is a rare thing in these times when as the Bible says that man would be lovers of themselves rather then others. You are appreciated by me and I am truly greatful to you and yours always

Emma Louise Brooks