Gwendolyn Williams

Gwendolyn Williams

04-15-1947 - 02-07-2020

Biography: Gwendolyn Williams was born in New York, New York to the proud parents Walter and Jennie Williams on April 15, 1947.
Gwendolyn known to many as Gwen, attended Public School 133 Elementary School in New York, NY.  She then continued on to Junior High School 136 located in Harlem, NY.  In High School she attended Julia Richmond where she continued her education.  Gwen often spent quality time with family and friends in Lincoln Houses where she lived during her early childhood. Shortly after her graduation from High School she began her work career at Association of Black Social Workers (ABSW) Day Care Center as an After School Counselor.  While working with children she wanted to further her education and knew she had a love to work with students.  Gwen then enrolled in CUNY City College where she later graduated with her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Psychology. 
Upon obtaining her Bachelors degree Gwen applied to work at Barnard College as an Office Assistant in November 1981.  Through the years she held various positions within this Prestigious College.  Gwen was a hard diligent worker and always strived to do well in all positions she held at Barnard College. She loved her job at Barnard so much that she would commute daily on bus and train to get to and from work all the way from New Jersey where she lived.  Bad weather or good weather Gwen was always there.  She took pride in her work and positions it showed through the years of dedication.  January 2013, Gwendolyn Williams retired from Barnard College as a Manager in Provost Office a job she loved and enjoyed.  Even after retirement she would keep in touch with office staff and help them with any concerns or anything they needed.
Early in retirement Gwen began to travel and enjoy quality time with family.  In 2014 she was able to take a vacation with her sister Pat to Hawaii where they enjoyed the sights, laughed and was able to enjoy each others company as two retired sisters.  Gwen always said if she could live anywhere other than New Jersey it would have been Hawaii.
Gwen touched many lives and will be greatly missed.  She leaves to mourn her passing; Her only sister Patricia Jackson; Nieces Rhonda Kennedy and Tahira Jackson, Great Nieces Ja-ni Brumfield and Skyla Staples, Nephew-in-law Clifton Staples and a host of cousins, other relatives and friends. 

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