Shalaya Yvonne Evans

Shalaya Yvonne Evans

11-30-1996 - 02-19-2020

Biography: Shalaya Yvonne Evans was born to Yvette Evans and Willie Redmond on November 30, 1996, in the Bronx, NY. She was raised in a Christian home with her mother, grandparents, two sisters, and cousins.
In her adolescent years, she became a member of St. Luke A.M.E Church where she joined the Children’s Praise Dancers and Youth Choir, while also attending P.S. 41. Juggling both she was exceedingly involved in Performing Arts including, the re-inaction of the movie ‘DreamGirls”, starring in a fashion show, and joining the cheerleading squad, along with her little sister Tasha Evans.
Shalaya graduated with a Merit award in mathematics. Furthering her success at Richard. R. Green middle school where she excelled at a higher level.
From grades 9-12 Shalaya attended and graduated from Dewitt Clinton High school, where she met her companion D’andre Johnson. The two became inseparable and 8 years later they welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Chelsea Jessie Johnson. Following her academic achievement of a high school diploma, she landed her first job as a hostess at Eastwood Manor for 2 years.
While enjoying her pregnancy and eagerly wanting to become a mother, her life changed immensely. Shalaya's compassion, resilience, willingness, and strength led her to put up a fight for 2 and a half years.
Shalaya enjoyed being with her mom and making food suggestions while surfing cooking channels. She had the worst attitude but the sweetest heart you can ever come across. Shalaya loved to make jokes and contained the funniest laugh, many will call it “contagious”. Because, before you knew it, everyone around her was filled with joy and laughter. The family was an essential part of her life and when able, she supported those in need.
Shalaya is the definition of strong and will continue to live on in the hearts of many, as a daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, niece, and friend. But most important she is an amazing mom, who took on the most challenging aspect of motherhood, which is SACRIFICE.
On February 19, 2020, Shalaya was called home to be with Christ and family members who have gone on before her. Shalaya is remembered by her daughter: Chelsea Johnson; mother: Yvette Evans; extended father: Dewitt Mcnair; her
sister's Dennimichell Evans and Tasha Evans; her niece: Raychelle Evans; her grand-father: Ernest Evans; her aunts: Sheila Evans, Johnetta Grant, Jacqueline Wong-Shing; her uncles: Kevin Evans, Darryl Grant and a host of cousins.
Until We Meet Again...We Love You

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