Theodore R. D. Burroughs

Theodore R. D. Burroughs

04-03-1930 - 04-14-2020

Biography: Theodore R. D. Burroughs was the son and only child of the late William and Octavia Burroughs . He was born on April 3rd, 1930 in New York City.
Theodore was educated in the New York City School System where he excelled proficiently. Upon completion of High School, He joined the Armed Forces (U.S. Navy) Being signed in by his mother due to his age he entered the military as an
airman. Working as an airline Mechanic, thus flying them on various occasions. After being honorably discharged from the Korean War, Theodore married his childhood sweetheart Linda C. Tyrrell on June 14, 1953 at All Souls Episcopal Church, from that union seven children were conceived.
Besides taking care of a large family working for Western Electric and the United States Postal Service, Theodore found time to continue his education attending NYU and Columbia Universities. He always valued education to the fullest. Nevertheless, he spoke other languages fluently. His passions were mainly reading and exercise.
Many years later Theodore became ill while living in a nursing home, Thursday passing on April 14, 2020 at 12:27 AM.
He leaves to cherish his loving memory, his children Theodore Jr., Terence, Gregory, Adrienne, Darryl, Ingrid, and Lisa.Twenty five grandchildren, thirty four great grandchildren, one cousin Beverly , one sister-in- law Julie, three son-in–laws, three daughter-in–laws; two nieces; three nephews, and a host other relatives and friends.

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