Clark Willy Mesidor

Clark Willy Mesidor

11-25-1982 - 08-28-2020

Biography: Clark Willy Mesidor, 37, departed from his loved one's Friday morning, August 28th, in his home with his family. Clark was born November 25th, 1982, in the city he loved so much, New York City to his beloved mother Oscieon Frisca, and Willy Mesidor. Clark was the older of two siblings.
Clark graduated from Norman Thomas High School in New York City and then attended Borough Manhattan Community College, where he attained an associate degree.
Clark met his beloved wife, Alexis Scott, and had three beautiful boys: Clark, Karter, and Carson Mesidor. Clark has always put his time and energy into his family. He enjoyed watching sports with his brothers on the weekends. Clark was an avid New York Giant fan no matter how bad they suck.
Clark had the biggest heart for humanity and always saw the good in everybody. Clark was a very family-oriented and energetic young man who had so many aspirations in life. Clark touched many lives.
He leaves to mourn his passing: his mother and father: Oscieon Frisca and Willy Mesidor; wife Alexis Scott; children: Clark, Karter and Carson Mesidor; Brother Jean Mesidor; cousins: Debbie, Bernado, Jeffrey Melinette, Jean Bergson, Gavilange Nestor and Kenny Saintville; uncle and aunt Jean and Katie Melinette and niece Sasha Mesidor.
Please celebrate him for all of the joy and love that he has brought into this life.  He will be greatly missed.


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