Frances Eugenia Simpkins

Frances Eugenia Simpkins

07-17-1930 - 09-05-2020

Frances Eugenia Simpkins was born July 17, 1932 in Charleston, South Carolina the middle child of Mary and Frank Rollerson.
When she was a teenager, the family relocated to New York City.  After moving to New York, she met the love of her life William James Simpkins.  They were blessed with four children, and faithfully raised their children to love and serve God. Their church family was First Corinthian Baptist Church under the leadership of Reverend T.H. McKenzie, Sr.
At her church home she was a faithful and diligent worker.  No job was too small.  You could find her in the church kitchen serving or carefully cleaning the garments after baptism.  She served as a Deaconess as well as on the Hospitality Committee. 
Besides her husband and children, her passion was cooking.  It was well known to family and friends that she was an excellent cook.  We looked forward to the big southern breakfasts after sunrise service.  She only had to speak four words -“The food is ready” and it seem as though there was a stampede toward the kitchen.  Her desserts were just as delicious as the meals she made.  Her sweet potato pie caused fights at family gatherings.  Everyone wanted a big portion of her sweet potato pie.
She was very skillful in anything she would do.  She knew how to do practically anything with a needle.  She sewed, embroidered, crocheted and made gift baskets always gifting someone with the beautiful things she made.  She taught her children various crafts “You never know you might have to earn your money from the work of your hands” she would say.
Although her loving husband passed away in the prime of her life, she never complained about the difficulties or challenges she had to face. She always taught her children to be grateful, kind and respectful. To know her was to love her.  Her quick wit, kindness and gentle spirit will be sorely missed.
She leaves to mourn her children – Beverly, William, Janice, Denise.  Her grandchildren – Andre, Michael, his wife Irene , her sister Ruth Gourdine, and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.


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