Maria Jordan

Maria Jordan

04-26-1965 - 06-19-2020

Biography: Maria Mynez Jordan, daughter of Willie Jordan and the late Jean Edna Reed-Jordan was born on April 26, 1965 in New York City’s Lenox Hill Hospital. Having lived a full and wonderful life,
Maria succumbed to her illness and made her transition and departed this life on June 19, 2020.
Maria’s earlier upbringing was on Manhattan’s Upper East Side where she lived with her grandmother who instilled strength, love and wisdom at an early age along with her cousin Sonya. Manhattan is where her educational years were also established. Maria made many lasting friendships starting at Robert F. Wagner Junior High School and high school years at Julia Richman where her love of dance was born.
Maria was in most of the school’s talent shows where she displayed most of her talent dancing and modeling. This love of dancing exuded in many other places as she and her cousins and friends would  frequent places like Bentley’s, the skating rink and one of her favorite restaurants then known as One Fish Two Fish. She totally enjoyed these places with Keanie, Jasmine, Debra and Vanessa.
Maria finalized her education at Hunter College having pursued her Bachelors Degree in Computer Science.
As a young woman, Maria met and fell in love with Billie Knight. From this union her beautiful first born son Tony was born She then went on to raise her son and made a decision to go overseas with her then best friend and boyfriend (Bubba) aka Albert, to live. She and Tony shared lots of special moments traveling abroad to Europe with him. Upon her return to the United States, motherhood continued while engaged in a relationship with Sean Walker. Hence this union created three more beautiful children: Nico, Amir and Amanda. Maria then took on another quest by becoming a New York City Correction Officer. This career choice was mentored by her favorite Uncle Pumpkin who she made lasting memories with along with her Aunt’s and cousins Renee and Lisa of the Jordan Family. She then proceeded first at the Manhattan Detention Center, Vernon C. Bain Center and Bellevue Hospital Prison Ward. Maria was appointed July 1, 1996 and retired August 1, 2016.
Maria is survived and mourned by: her beloved four children: Anthony Jordan, Nico Jordan, Amir Jordan and Amanda Walker; her beautiful grandchildren whom she adored: Jeremiah Griffith, Teagan Jordan and Ayden Jordan; along with a host of amazing friends and
family who loved her dearly.
That beautiful smile will continue in our heart forever.

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