Ben D. Turner

Ben D. Turner

05-22-1973 - 01-05-2021

Biography: Ben Dovid Turner was born on May 22, 1973 in New York City to Evelyn Turner and Dovid Ben Higgs. Ben was the youngest of six siblings: Eugene Turner, Tony Turner, Rhonda Glover, Tina Thompson and Danella Glover.
Ben attended elementary school at P.S 133 in New York. He attended New York Culinary Institute. There, he received a certified license for cooking.
Ben worked at the New York Sports Club where he trained people and did housekeeping. He worked some construction. He was also employed at Heal & Hearty and Fridays.
Ben was raised with Hebrew traditions and values from his father’s side. Ben loved to cook. He liked spending a lot of time outside with his kids. He was an avid reader. He loved working out. Ben loved helping people. He loved listening to music and playing play station.
Ben was preceded in death by: his son Luvon Turner and father Dovid Ben Higgs. Ben touched many lives and will be missed. He leaves to mourn his nine children: daughter Jasmine Garcia, Cystal Turner, son Kyle Temple, Dovid Temple, daughter Destiny Turner, Kiara Marshall, son Daniel Pearson and Benjamin Turner; two grandchildren: Amelina and Kercheria Temple; His spouse Denisha Pearson; mother Evelyn Turner; two brothers: Eugene and Tony Turner; three sisters: Rhonda Glover, Tina Thompson and Danella Glover; five uncles, three aunts and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives and friends

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