Mary Lee Stokes

Mary Lee Stokes

04-18-1939 - 05-16-2021

Biography: Mary Lee Stokes, nickname “Half Pint” was born to the late John and Alice Stokes on April 18, 1939.  She was the 8th of 9 children.
She had strong family values and at an early age she joined the Felderville AME Church of Santee, SC.  There she was a
faithful member and sang in the Junior Choir and participated in other ministries of the church.
Mary always knew how to get out of joining her family as they worked on the farm and in the cotton fields.  Every morning, when it came was time to go to work, she convinced her parents that she was sick but, miraculously at 5:00pm when the family returned home from work, she was no longer ill.  She was never sick on weekends when it was time for fun activities and entertainment.  However, on Monday morning she became ill again.
After graduating from Elloree Training School. Mary moved to New York City where she spent over 60 years.  During her
career she worked many years as a bookkeeper at Don Moore Manufacturing Company; an Accountant at Cyne Design
Company, and Macy’s Department Store.
She enjoyed sewing in her spare time and was especially proud of raising her son and helping her siblings raise their children.  She was full of Life and was affectionately known in the family as the “feisty one.”  You always knew she was the
leader and in charge.  She would always say, “I pay the cost to be the boss.”
Preceding her in death were her beloved brothers and sisters:  John Stokes, Jr., Isabell Brown, Corrie Lee Tillman, Jorice Butler, Buciner Stokes, John Wesley (JW) Stokes, and Corine Stokes.
Cherishing her memories, she leaves her son, Anthony (Tony Pee Wee) Stokes, one sister; Phimere Briley; one uncle; Harry Stokes; and one sister-in-law; Gwendolyn Stokes.  She had a special relationship as a second mom to her nieces, Angela Coffey and Mary Stokes.  She also had a special bond with her niece and nephew Shaun Moorer and Daphne Lai Fang.  There are a host of nieces and nephews, family members and friends that will honor her memory forever.

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