Judith Elizabeth Taylor

Judith Elizabeth Taylor

11-28-1940 - 04-20-2021

Judith Elizabeth Taylor was born on 148th Street in Harlem New York on November 28th, 1940.  Judy, as she was affectionately called was the 2nd child and first-born girl of Graham and Eva Simmons.  She was a lively and popular child whose magnetic
personality gravitated people towards her.  Judy was a great student who loved school.  She went to elementary school at P.S 90 and junior high school at JH 136.
Judy graduated from Julia Richman High school in 1958 and went on to Montefiore School of Nursing where she earned a nursing degree in 2 years…After nursing school, Judy worked as a registered nurse at Montefiore Hospital.  She worked in various
departments including the ER and OBGYN. 
Judy was a dedicated nurse who always took pride in being a medical professional.  She was awarded for her dedication by being elevated to the position of senior nurse in the OR, her favorite department.
On November 4th, 1967, Judy married Robert Earl Taylor.  From this union, they had 2 children:  Jasmine and Joshua.  Robert passed away in 1986.
Along with her nursing career, the beautiful and confident Judy also embarked on a career as a model.  In 1969 she was signed to black Beauty, one of the first all-black modeling agencies.  She was featured in Ebony Magazine and in various commercial ads for
products such as Tide.  She appeared in a soap opera and the movie Cotton Comes to Harlem.  With her lovely features and keen fashion sense, Judy made quite a name for herself as a model. Judy continued working as a nurse and in the overall medical
profession until she retired in the mid 1990’s.
Judy was a talented seamstress who enjoyed sewing and crocheting.  She made several blankets, hats, scarfs and clothing for her children and family.  Judy loved the arts and would often visit museums, the planetarium, movies, outdoor concerts, etc.  She loved music and Motown and gospel were her favorite “sides” as she called them.
Judy loved to travel.  She loved to go to Atlantic City, Lobster Fests, bus trips and later on in life, cruising became her favorite past time.
One of the biggest joys of Judy’s life occurred in 2014 when she became a grandmother for the first time.  She loved every minute spent with her precious grandson who she affectionately referred to as ’‘My Isaac’’.  When someone acted out of turn, she was fond of saying “My Isaac knows better than that.”
The Lord called Judy home on April 20, 2021.  She leaves to mourn, her daughter Jasmine, son Joshua, grandson Isaac, sister Patricia and a host of nieces, nephews and cousins.
Judy was loved and adored by her family and friends.  She was a special woman with a sharp wit, an infectious laugh and a dazzling smile.  With a keeping it real tone, she told it to you like it was, should and oughta be.  She was willful, strong, and funny.  Judy was an unforgettable spirit who will remain in our hearts forever. 

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