Byron Brooks

Byron Brooks

07-25-1954 - 11-24-2021


Life Reflections
Byron Paul Brooks Sr. was born July 25 1954 and sadly left this world on November 24, 2021. Born to Bessie Mae Wiggins and Rufus Brooks who preceded him in death, He entered this world, born at the Flower Hospital.
Educated close to home, Byron attended Elementary school PS 125,Junior high IS 43 then graduated from Louis D Brandeis high school.
Raised from young as one of Jehovah witnesses  with his siblings, Byron and his family were a part of the Amsterdam congregation.
Known for several of his loves and talents, knowing Byron meant you knew the thing he loved most was music. Harmonizing and hitting notes from the time he was young after being a regular viewer of American bandstand, he wished he and his siblings  could somehow become the next Jackson 5
He also loved to write and although humble, he was  Poetically unmatched. He could write about any topic and if you had the chance to hear one of his pieces, you knew his famous saying “let me run it by you” followed by the question asked  was it heavy? Was it deep ? and even if he called you up on the phone to read, when he was done you could almost hear the cheese smile spread across his face as if you could hear his thoughts saying :“yeah I did that.
From young Byron had a flare for dressing. He often wore Bow ties to match his outfits. Later on in years, he began adding accessories and complimented his look with a little fragrance and jewelry to make it complete . He always wanted to make a  fashion statement without saying a word. As he matured in age, his love for fashion led him toward the life of photography and modelling.
During those years, Byron did fashion shows, and introduced himself to many people. He was always outspoken and loved to make people laugh and back then he loved the camera.
Out on his own by 18, Byron knew the meaning of hard work. He was very punctual and encouraged that others be the same. Working several jobs on his life, doing security, retail, and working in shelters he began a job with the City and worked on 34th street for many years as a stock supervisor before retiring. He was a fair and down to earth boss who didn’t fuss as long as things were done as they needed to be. He even decorated the stock room with pictures of his favorite artist Smokey Robinson as well as other R&B artist and then of course pictures of himself to jokingly complete the wall of fame. He made the atmosphere a family environment looking out for his staff always.
Those who knew him best were able to learn and  enjoy the silly side of him, as well as be in his company which meant you never knew what he would say. With family especially, Byron was as silly as they come, quoting movie lines for every situation that may have been heavy, trying  to put a smile on  your face. Being a movie buff he could recite the lines from any movie he saw off the top of his head and use it. With family the joke was always understood.
He was a man of principle. very organized, as well as loving, kind, and reliable.  He stressed the importance of savings and credit especially to his children. He was willing to extend himself to others if it meant picking someone up taking them somewhere, listening to you vent giving a non judgmental ear, or if you were financially in a jam he had you covered. Although it was a family joke that he slept with his fist closed holding his money, he knew the importance of family and was always willing to help.
Byron was married twice in his life. He ended out the last days of his life with his loving wife Inez who honored her vows till death due us part and took care of Byron as he battled with Cancer and was there when he took his last breath. He and Inez met back in 1997 and spent the last 23 years together which meant him being a father figure to her children as well. In total this means Byron had  12 kids and shared his own unique relationships with them all.
In addition to being a dad, Byron was also a grandfather. In total He had 23 grandchildren Spreading wisdom and laughter when he would talk. He would love to ask who could hit a note and belt it out like he could do. He was always proud of their accomplishments when it came to education and offered encouragement and support. When he got a chance to spend time and drive them around, he swore he was putting together the next group in his head  “the little  Brooks babies.”
He also loved to eat and was grateful for those Jamaican meals his wife put together, but he also had the pleasure of enjoying food from the brothers and sisters at his congregation in the Bronx. Going out in the ministry and enjoying time with his spiritual family is how he enjoyed life.  Making sure his older sisters and brothers were taken care of especially during times of conventions brought him much joy. He also sent  personal letters and made calls to his loved ones encouraging them to get to know the God he loved
At home he was found on the couch relaxing after his studies, enjoying his shows like paternity court or watching the fugitive or his favorite old movies. Routinely he would leave the house at a certain time every day to pick up his wife from work to make sure she got home safely.
Byron sadly lost his life suddenly and leaves many to mourn his death, but if you were fortunate to have a memory it meant he loved you. His love was spread to his children, his grandchildren as well as his kids significant others, and friends. He had a way of making everyone feel welcomed and feel like they were family, even if he met you for only a short time.
Throughout his life he had the pleasure to meet some wonderful people who he held very near and dear to his heart and still called friend before he closed his eyes in death.
He will truly be missed. He Leaves to mourn his wife Inez, his children Tamla, Crystal, Madell, Byron Jr., Kristin, Chris, Cara, Tracyann, Conya, Carlton, Roshea Ackeem, His grand children Laquai, Amirah, Justin, Jaylen, Lyric, Lavel, Diavonni, Kelcy J, Carter, Cameron, Chayse, Mercedez, Jackson, Montana, Kai, Kane, Joe, Emma, Jace, Naia, Fantea, Emmoy, His Sisters Bathsheba, Twanda, Diana, Phyliss and Patricia (preceded him in death), His brother Calvin Joseph (preceded him in death) daughter in law (Niki) Sisters in laws, brother in law Andrew (Louis) preceded in death nieces, nephews a host of Great friends that are more like family, and a village of Spiritual brothers and sisters

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