Gloria Patricia Brevard-Washington

Gloria Patricia Brevard-Washington

07-31-1941 - 01-06-2022


Gloria Patricia Brevard-Washington, daughter of the late Janie Brevard and Andrew Mickle was born on July 31, 1941, in Camden, SC. She was educated in the public-school systems of Kershaw County, SC.
Gloria joined Bethel Holy Church in 2008 which at that time was under the leadership of the late Bishop Joseph Bell and now under the leadership of Pastor Joseph Bell, Jr. where she was a saved and dedicated member until her health issues made it difficult for her to attend services. Gloria was sometimes asked to cook a few dishes for church functions, which she was happy to do. She loved her Bishop and Pastor and was always willing to help out when asked. However, during the pandemic she began watching weekly services online.
Gloria was united in holy matrimony to Joseph Washington in May of 1965. Their union was blessed with seven children. Joseph Washington proceeded her in death in Oct 2007.
Gloria had strong ties to her siblings and would host Thanksgiving and/or Christmas dinners at her home where she and her sisters would all gather to cook for the family. She loved nothing more than spending time with the family she loved so much. As a result of her generous spirit and pleasant personality, she was loved by so many. Gloria’s influence will forever remain in the lives of all who knew her.
Gloria quietly departed this life on Thursday, January 6th, 2022, at Harlem Hospital Center in New York City. She was preceded in death by her daughters Rhonda and Donna Brevard.
Her beautiful life will forever be cherished in the lives of her children: Jerome Brevard, Myra Brevard, Viscount (Danielle) Washington, Hope (Ronald) Brevard-Green and Douglas (Michelle) Brevard of New York City. Her brothers: Harvey (Bernice) Brevard of Rock Hill, SC, Ronald (Alice) Brevard of Camden, SC, Jeffrey Brevard and Gregory Brevard of Dallas, TX. Sisters: Edna (Charlie) Stuckey, Barbara (Shawn) Abraham, Diane (James) Brevard–Moore and Gretchen (Henry) Brevard- Britt of NYC and a host of-grandchildren and great grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.


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