Christine Ward

Christine Ward

02-02-1945 - 01-30-2022


On a more peaceful and Promised Land, Christine Ward transitioned from this earth to be with the Lord on Sunday January 30, 2022. Her life began on February 2, 1945 in Lee County South Carolina. Born to the late James and Ida Bell Moore, she was the oldest of three children.
She began her journey as a high school student at Johnson High School in Timmonsville South Carolina where she met and joined union with Stanley Ward on July 6, 1976 in Florence South Carolina. Christine and Stanly created a loving life for themselves and moved to New York City until Stanley departed this earth on January 27, 2010. 
Christine continued her life in New York City as an employee of Royal Beard Novelty Company, where she made custom jewelry until retirement. A child of God, Christine attended Welch Chapel AME Church in Timmonsville South
Carolina and later often attended the services at Greater Central Baptist Church here in Harlem. She was a faithful believer in the Lord and always placed him at the forefront of her life. Although, Christine never had children of her own she was like a mother to so many of the women in her company sharing knowledge, wisdom, advice and most importantly her humble spirit that never judged. 
Christine leaves behind to celebrate precious memories of her life: sister Jeanette Nowlan (SC), brother Harry (SC), close nieces Harriet (SC) and Sharon (GA), two close cousins Evelyn (NY) and Patricia (NY) and a host of other nieces, nephews and cousins. She held near and dear to her, close friend Dorothy (NY) and Ernest (NY) better known to her as "Mr. Love" and so many other devoted extended family members and friends that loved being a part of her circle. 
Your earthly duties have been fulfilled as heaven awaits a new servant.
Lovingly Submitted,
The Family

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