Dorothy Mae

Dorothy Mae

05-27-2022 - 05-27-2022


On May 11, 2022, Dorothy Mae (Peterson) James transitioned into heaven peacefully in the comfort of her home. She was born in Mayesville, South Carolina on October 26, 1936, to the late Fannie (Gregg) and Grandison Peterson Sr. She was one of five children and a twin to the late Annie Mae Damon.
Dorothy’s education began at Scottsville Community School and Dennis High School. Further education was obtained through her union. From Mayesville, South Carolina she relocated to Washington, DC. After her time in the nation’s capital, she then migrated to New York City with her younger brother Isaac Peterson, where she would spend the rest of her life. She provided for her loved ones as a maintenance manager for Time Warner. There she dedicated thirty years of her work.
It is often said that it takes a village to raise a family, and Dorothy whole heartedly embodied this. While establishing roots in the Bronx she joined her sister Annie Mae and her lifelong friends Lizzie Anthony and Viola “Baby Sister” Rhodes where they would raise their children and have drop in visits from Goodwill relatives and family. These were some of her happiest times in New York.
Dorothy loved to shop and travel with family and friends. You would always find her in her two favorite stores, Macy’s, or Lord & Taylors on 34th street Herald Square looking for a fashionable hat to match her outfits. Dorothy loved to throw down in the kitchen. She was known for her famous peas and rice that she would make every holiday She loved to watch her favorite soap opera General Hospital and Family Feud featuring Steve Harvey. She was indeed a very loving, giving and nurturing person. During those busy times where you needed a babysitter she was always willing to babysit your child. Dorothy was a woman of strong faith and was a devoted member of Shiloh Baptist Church in Harlem, New York.
Her two brothers Junior Peterson, Grandison “PJ” Peterson Jr. husband to Myrie (Beckford) Peterson, her twin sister Annie Mae Damon, her sister-in-law, best friend Ruby Jean (Singletary) Peterson and her ex-husband Richmond James Sr. preceded her in death.
Left to cherish her memories she leaves behind her brother Isaac “Bubba” Peterson; two daughters: Annette Booze, MD and Trina James, NY; her three sons: Carl Edward James, OH; Richmond James husband of Darlene James, and Ray James, NY; two granddaughters: Jenay Booze, MD and Folasade Abe, NY; five grandsons: Anthony James, Randall James, Rallo James, Raymond Johnson-Vega (NY) and Tyreke Booze, MD; five great grandchildren: Kaisei and Essence Booze, MD; Raymond Johnson-Vega Jr., Nasir Johnson-Vega, Luna Sky James, NY and a host of many nieces and nephews.
Dorothy Mae (Peterson) James was a devoted mother, grandmother, great grandmother, sister, aunt, and trusted friend. She will forever be missed.

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