Gaynelle Turner

Gaynelle Turner

11-12-1952 - 06-13-2022

Biography: Gaynelle Turner, AKA Necie, was born in Newark, NJ, to Doris Lansing (née McNair) on November 12, 1959. She was the seventh of eight children; Evelyn, Clarence, Ronnie, the late Jeffrey, Joseph, Mark, and Maleka, the youngest.

Gaynelle grew up in Avenel, New Jersey, with her grandparents. She attended school throughout her time there and graduated from Colonia High school in 1977. She attended Middlesex Country College for nursing before leaving for NYC, where she was free to embrace her identity and live her life.

In 1983 she met the true love of her life and soulmate, Linette Morgan. Linette was their children's biological mother, named Michael Morgan, and Gaynelle Morgan (who was named after her). They were together for twelve years before Linette passed, and she took over as their primary caretaker.

Gaynelle used her culinary skills to land many jobs throughout her life, such as Tavern on the Green, Eatzi's, California Pizza Kitchen, Board of Education lunchroom, Hard Rock Cafe, and many others. She worked on receiving a culinary degree from Star Academy, after which she did the home catering for her community and her Narcotics Anonymous fellowship. She eventually joined the Transportation Security Administration in 2002. After an unexpected illness, she stopped working there.

Her hobbies included basketball and football - she enthusiastically loved the Knicks and the Jets, respectively. Additionally, she loved cooking, collecting vinyl, taking care of children, reading, watching true crime shows, music, political commentary, documentaries, and sarcastic comedy programs.

She was a prominent matriarch who will surely be missed by every life she's ever touched. She leaves behind her beautiful and loyal children, Gaynelle and Michael, in her passing. One grandson, Michael Morgan, Jr., siblings, dozens of nieces, nephews, grand-nieces, and grand-nephews. She also leaves behind all of the unforgettable friends, loved ones in the neighborhood, former co-workers, and people of the NA fellowship who supported her throughout her miraculous recovery and eight years of sobriety with their strong faith in God. Last but not least, she will be joining her wife in eternal rest in Forest Green Cemetery, where both of them will rest peacefully.

Lovingly Submitted,
The Morgan/Turner Family

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