Renew Newman

Renew Newman

03-04-1956 - 06-14-2022

Biography: Renee Smith was born on March 14, 1956 in the Bronx, NY to Ella Mae Myers Smith & Willie Lee Smith.  Renee was the eldest of her 3 siblings, Wallace, Willis and Juliet.

Renee loved to sing and sang on the choir at Miracle Revival Temple, Bronx, NY as well as on the choir at First Baptist Church, Bay Shore, NY. Renee attended Central Commercial High School in the Bronx.  Even when her Mother, Ella and siblings, decided to leave the Bronx and relocate to Bay Shore, Long Island, Renee chose to stay in the Bronx and complete her studies and obtain her diploma.  While she attended Central Commercial she was employed at the Boys & Girls Club and absolutely loved working there!  The Boys & Girls Club was also where she met her first true love, Ronald Anthony Williams.  With Renee and Ronald it was love at first sight and from that union came their two daughters, Karima and Zarinah.

Renee eventually joined the rest of her family and moved to Long Island with her 2 daughters, Karima and Zarinah, where she began working for Wilen Media Corp. There she was an intrinsic part of the Wilen Media family.  Assisting in creating television programming and advertising material for what was then known as “the cable company.”  Wilen was a place where everyone was family and Renee being the shining star of positivity that she was quickly developed a few of her lifelong friendships there.  Her daughters were also well known at Wilen and spent lots of time playing, hanging out and even working there for extra money as they got older.  After leaving Wilen Media, Renee then worked at Auto One Insurance as an Administrative Assistant. Finishing out her working life at Allstate Insurance Company.  Always making friends that became family no matter what setting she was in.  She had a phenomenal work ethic that she instilled, by example, upon her daughters.

Renee was a fantastic cook and LOVED to try new recipes!  Around 1999/2000 at a BBQ being hosted by her best friend/sister, the late Jackie Kimbrow, was where she then met the man that she would love for the rest of both of their lives, Paul Aponte.  It was at this BBQ that Paul tried some of the wings that Renee had made and announced to everyone that “Whoever made these wings, I’m marrying you!!!” – it was Renee that made those wings 

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