Derrell Wright

Derrell Wright

03-12-1968 - 06-15-2022


Derrell received an education at P.S 44, Wadleigh and Park West High School where he then graduated. Derrell made an outstanding amount of friends throughout those years whom not only remained friends but turned into family. Derrell furthered his education and went on to become an educator for 20 years at East End Child Care in New York City.
Derrell believed in living life to the fullest.  He appreciated a good time with good people. He had a love for singing, traveling, and most of all eating good. He loved his family and cherished his friendships. Derrell lived life on his own terms with no regrets. 
Derrell leaves to mourn his dear Mother Albertha Wright, (Twin Brother) Derick Wright Sr., (Wife) Maxine Washington, (Younger Brother) Noah A. Wright Jr., (Niece/Child) Loricka Wright, (Nephew) Derick Wright Jr, (Nephew) Toddrique Wright, (Niece) Jayla Wright, (Nephew) Trey Wright, (Niece) Madison Wright. He also leaves to mourn a host of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and very close friends including a very special friend Maurice. 
Please continue to keep Derrell’s mother Albertha W. in your prayers as she is also mourning the loss of her dog and best friend Maggie Wright of 17 years.  Maggie was given to Albertha as a Mother’s Day gift from Derrell and family. 

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