Laurie D. Harrison

Laurie D. Harrison

05-24-1968 - 02-21-2023


Laurie D. Harrison (affectionately called Showtime for his choreographic skills) was born on Sunday, May 24th, 1968. He was a Walden School, Class of 1986 high school alumni. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wesleyan

University, having majored in African American Studies, and World History. He was a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, and he performed in many “Step Shows” with his fraternity brothers. He also studied at the Harlem School of Arts.

 Laurie was cerebral. He displayed an unmistakable intellectual bent, manifested a relentlessness that complemented his goal-driven nature, and he carried himself with dignity that was quite becoming to his spiritual aspect. He loved God (and not just in the abstract). Laurie loved life also and was quite alive. He treated his friends with respect and compassion, and he indeed enjoyed friendship. Laurie was a jokester, a character trait that often belied his sense of strong convictions (… ah, many an unwary acquaintance, friend, and/or associate had been surprised by the tenacity of some of his assertions of perspectives or opinions, and especially his liveliness in expressions and verbal jousting). All in all, without some of his human quirks, Laurie wouldn’t have been Laurie as we knew and loved him. He projected discipline. He was a Black Belt and rose to the ranks of Sihing in Martial Arts.

Laurie loved and took part in various sports, and he especially enjoyed Rugby, and Basketball. As a performing artist, Laurie played as a background actor, and danced in various productions, movies, and Rap videos. As some of his lyrically inclined contemporaries, Laurie pursued performing arts expressions via Rap music. His rapper autograph is “KATO the Kingpin”.

 Laurie was significantly influenced and molded by his deep-seated drive to emulate his uncles James, Irving, and Ronnie who were mentors to him. He looked up to his uncles as father figures, and life compass. From his uncle James, Laurie was instilled an appreciation for ancestry and the sense of duty to walk a path of righteousness.

Laurie is survived by his mother, Norma Ampadu; his sisters: Cecilia and Elizabeth; his nephews: Shanti, Kedar, Hassan, Ethan, and Joseph; Brother-In-law, Larry. He also leaves his aunties: Mabel, Annie, Harriet and Randie; Uncles: Ronnie, and Brian; Cousins: Felicia, Eric, Kali, Kyma, Howard Jr., Noni, Akira, Taylor, Naya and Erin; also, left to mourn him are his many friends and associates.

Laurie was preceded in death by: his uncles James and Irving Harrison and grandmother Ollie Mae Harrison.

Adieu Laurie! Go safely into the welcoming bosom of The Almighty Lord. Amen.


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